My studies of GESTURES: I see gesture as a medium, to gain a deeper understanding of how we as humans in this place in time interact with one another and the signals we give and receive. I believe that having a deeper understanding of these actions we take for granted or are so use to will teach us about how to develop a better understanding on how to communicate with one another no matter the context. 

1: "Tantrum"

Sensor: FSRs Platform: MAX MSP, Arduino 


Sensor: buttons, relays Platform: Arduino

3: "bow and blow"

Sensor: Accelorometer, Relays Platform: MAX, Arduino

4 "Encore for Browser"  Drew some inspiration from Sam Sadtler's Shakie app.

Sensor: Camera Platform: MAX Jitter, Arduino, Java Script p5

5"Hug that lasts"

Sensor: Accelorometer Platform: MAX Jitter, Arduino

6: "Binding decision"

Sensor: Hall Effect Platform: MAX MSP Jitter, Arduino

7: "that feeling someone is looking at you" 

Sensor: Camera facetracking Platform: MAX jitter, Arduino

8/100 "Pee Pee Dance"

Sensor: FSR Platform: MAX MSP, Arduino

9"Hello World"

Sensor: Kinect Platform: Processing, Kinect

10: "TUMS cake"

Sensor: Stomach Platform: Stupid shit no one needs Hackathon

Made with Nick Bratton

11: "The Salute"

Sensor: Flex Sensor Platform: Arduino, MAX Jitter

12: "Impatient Fingers" 

Sensor: FSR Platform: Arduino, MAX MSP

Eye Tracking "Drawing with my eyes"

Eye Tracking "drawing with eyes II"

WebGL with MAX jitter "stuck in bubble"

Snapping Lights

Connected my phone to MAX vis OSC

Flipping the bird

 Study of an interaction ITP 9:40 Thursday New York city

Study of an interaction ITP 9:40 Thursday New York city

saying everything with nothing
Moments gathered

It seems so sudden a moment that one would think of the family to such an extent of which is deemed imdeemable, from the far cries of devils and familiar voices that echo at times of destruction and despair, the voice once harnessed by the force of the plugless ears, tried by the wild tamed by all hailed by the young, sick and tired, father fishes for the blue colored essence of the young soul, growth as the flower expands and blessed be this moment of despair,for in that moment on the soft familiar fabrics that are often massaged with skin and that of others whom choose to grasp such an idea so grim and filled with new time released beauty.


could such fathomed paradox distort presented logic,


grave danger has set its self along side the silk and satin trimmed for time,


till the last stone falls and strikes the soulless skin of the soon to be forgotten



yet all that is soulless is still matter and will never loose to exist, the elegance of the naked site will loose sense of its presence, as snow falls to the apparent surface with grace and confidence, the man sings to the sea gallantly dreaming of a juxtaposition, again he insists is to flounder to the next entrance at that vexed instant, granted one will never be able to choose the path to witch take the ambition to a level of content, on that second is inevitably chosen by force of fiction.


Conclusions giving way to impulse, 

the grain resistance began to tumble to its original form,

showing growth and decline to our so holy ambition.

Humans would only be compared to you.

Yet pulling away and viewing from a trivial perspective,

the only guide to the oceanic current,

is one who does not see in a similar light.

This impulse is only explained by elementary thought and given that with time

experience follows, then only the following is true.

Eye lids open, after seeing the frog jump to Land, time is felt, hand is moist,

only then the bird was able to see clearly with experience.


Choices presented by your mind seem fishy after tense emotion of reality.

Disturbing the fox seemed irrational at the time.

I found my self once again at a cross road,

Between fates embrace and temptations gaze.

How it all seems so exciting,

But it all did once before.

The flag slapped my ego,

Once again I was torn.

Shaped and molded by the aging sun,

Racing along side abstract horses,

Indeed the power of influence.